ZVF380 Frequency Converter

ZVF380 Frequency Converter


Main Features:

1.Advanced vector control algorithm, adaptive to parameter changes caused by motor changes, improve the tolerance of system control.

2.No PG vector control (SVC), PG vector control (VC), V/F control, torque control and other control methods  can be selected .

3.Auto tuning of static and dynamic motor parameters can be realized, so that the inverter can be automatically adjusted to the best operating state.

4.NPN and PNP two modes of multi-function input terminals, can provide compatible switch signal with any external equipment.

5.Built-in PLC function, which can realize operation modes such as stopping after a single cycle, maintaining the final value after a single cycle, and continuous cycle ect.

6.Rich combination of frequency sources, more flexible to use.

7.Special functions such as swing frequency, fixed length and counting can be realized.

8.Realize the delay function of programmable relay and open collector output.

9.Droop control function realizes automatic load balance.

10.High-speed pulse input and output function.

11.Built-in PID function to realize closed-loop control of flow, temperature and pressure.

12.Standard MODBUS communication protocol, easy to realize the communication with PLC, industrial computer and other industrial control equipment.

13.Multiple password protection to protect user rights.

14.Compact structure, independent air duct design, greatly improve power density, and effectively reduce user installation volume requirements.

15.Wide grid voltage design, especially suitable for domestic low-voltage special occasions.

16.Wide industry applications, special function modules can be expanded according to different industries.

Demonstration of the Model