ZVF300H Frequency Inverter

ZVF300H Frequency Inverter



ZVF300H series Frequency Inverter are high performance open loop vector inverters for controlling asynchronous AC induction motors .

High Performance Vector Control Frequency Inverter

ZVF300H series Frequency Inverter has the good effect energy conservation, fine speed adjustment performance, stable operation ,electrical machinery soft starter ,protect function and other advantages.

ZVF300H series high Performance vector control frequency inverter is ZIRI Electrical developed main products type frequency inerter . General type and fan/pump type are in one model . support Modbus communication protocol. can be widely used to control and drive the speed of induction motors and asynchronous motor . superior performance, abundant functions, easy operation, high accountability and a complete range of specifications. Can fully meet the individual needs of customers in the industry.

1.Output frequency :0-600Hz.

2.Multiple password protection mode

3.Remote control operation keypad, convenient for remote control.

4.V/F curve &multi-inflection point setting, flexible configuration .

5.Keyboard parameter copy function . easy to set the parameters for multi-inverters .

6.Wide industry application . to expand special function according to different industries.

7.Multiple hardware and software protection and optimized hardware for anti-interference technology.

8. Multi-step speed and wobble  frequency running  (external terminal 15 steps speed control).

9.Unique adaptive control technology . Auto current limiting and voltage limiting and under-voltage restrain .

10.Optimized external installation and internal structure and independent air flue design , fully enclosed electrical space design .

11.Output automatic voltage regulation function .(AVR),automatically adjust the output pulse width . to eliminate the  influence  of the grid change on load .

12.Built-in PID regulation function to facilitate the realization of closed loop control of the temperature ,pressure and flow . and reduce the cost of the control system .

13.Standard MODBUS communication protocol . easy to achieve the communication between PLC,IPC and other industrial equipments.

Demonstration of the Model

Application Range

1.Handing machinery, conveyor.

2.Wire drawing machines, industrial washing machines .sports machines.

3.Fluid machinery: fan, water pump ,blower. music fountain .

4.Public mechanical equipment: high precision CNC machine tools,CNC machine.

5.Metal processing, wire drawing machine and other mechanical equipment .

6.Paper-making equipment, chemical industry ,pharmaceutical industry, textile industry ,ect.