Enterprise Platform

Enterprise Platform


Enterprise Platform

Haiwell Industry Automation

Exclusive IoT platform for enterprise. Manage projects, equipments, personnel, data and assets as an enterprise. Suitable for mass equipment management.

Data visualization system & WEB SCADA

  • Provide centralized monitoring of devices on different sites in WEB SCADA.
  • Provide data visualization system to display and interpret collected data in PC or mobile from all the devices in project.
  • Support third-party data sources.

Custom Logo

  • According to the needs of project or enterprise management, it can realizes personalized display on mobile APP and Cloud website.
  • Including custom logo, custom platform name, custom web link.

Enterprise Equipment

  • Enterprises can bind devices in batches, uniformly assign A/B key permissions. Higher security level with dual-key audit mechanism.
  • A single or multiple management teams can be set up to clarify the responsible managers of the equipment, improving the efficiency of enterprise management.
  • Support multi-level grouping of equipment.

Cloud maintenance (Equipment manufacturer maintains identity)

  • Different from A/B key, Cloud maintenance provides equipment manufacturers with exclusive maintenance identities.
  • Configure and enable Cloud maintenance in the project to facilitate mass production of equipment.
  • There is a dedicated enterprise platform to configure the maintenance team and maintenance members.
  • Cloud maintenance identity can realize remote transparent transmission, upload and download projects, upgrade firmware, remote control configuration, etc.

IoT Card Management

  • Support batch management and monitoring of enterprise IoT cards. View data card usage and device status in real time.
  • Support online recharge and renewal of IoT cards.