15.6“ IoT Cloud HMI

15.6“ IoT Cloud HMI


15.6“ IoT Cloud HMI

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Haiwell 15.6″ Series IoT Cloud HMI=  HMI + IoT Gateway + DTU,3in1 functional

● Large Screen, Wide View, Narrow Bezel, Thin Fuselage, Delicate Appearance.

● Quad-core high performance processor, High resolution High penetration, Piano por celain black, Aluminum lloy casing.

● Supports local video monitoring,HMI can connect the camera that supports RTSP protocol transmission or cloud video channel through Ethernet to display the camera video smoothly on the screen. It can also carry out local or remote monitoring through Haiwell cloud APP or wechat small program.

● Support for video playing, HMI built- in quad-core high-performance processor, can play video files in the USB flash drive. Supported MP4 video format, equipped with IPS hard screen technology, so that the video picture i s more delicate and much smoother, color is more real.

● Supported voice function, access microphone and loudspeaker via USB.Supported text-tospeech,voice broadcasting,intercom function,innovative device cloud voice.

● Built-in Web API function, can control and obtain the device data through HTTP protocol.

● Third-party software and platforms can easily and securely obtain device data and control devices through the built-in Web API function using HTTP protocol, support real-time data push, support PHP, Java, C#, C++ languages. Support Internet and LAN network.

● Support access to third-party IoT platforms such as Alibaba Cloud, Amazon, Google, etc.

● Supports remote accessing and control by Cloud and mobile. No need to develop the remote control interface twice, all projects are developed at one time. What you see is what you get in all screens (Mobile/PC/TV/ IPad, etc.).

● Supports MQTT protocol, can be connected to database server/ERP/MES etc. Actively report, support millions of terminal concurrent network, can easily surpass and replace DTU equipment.

Haiwell 15.6“ IoT Cloud HMI List

Model TFT screen Storage LAN+COM USB Local Video Voice WIFI Wireless Hole Sizemm Dimension W*H*D
D15 15.6″1920×1080 4G + 1G 1+3 2 Yes Yes 383×245 Haiwell Industry Automation


D15-G 4G + 1G 1+3 2 Yes Yes China 4G
D15-W 4G + 1G 1+3 2 Yes Yes Yes
D15-GW 4G + 1G 1+3 2 Yes Yes Yes China 4G
D15-E 4G + 1G 1+3 2 Yes Yes Global 4G
D15-EW 4G + 1G 1+3 2 Yes Yes Yes Global 4G

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