Ikondrives IIoT Terminal Products

Ikondrives HMICloud BOXIPC and Cloud SCADA can connect to Ikondrives Cloud Platform, support MQTT protocol, which can help users realize device Cloud management, remote data acquisition and maintenance, remote real-time monitoring and alarming. Integrate the first-line data into the the ERP and MES systerm to realize smart factories.

IIOT value centralized monitoring and display. Ikondrives Cloud camera can easily realize remote monitoring of video, large screen controller TVBOX can realize single screen and multi-screen in one display, and then display the screen and video monitoring of various places on the big screen through the Ikondrives Cloud Platform to realize large screen electronic board function.

IIOT focuses on remote centralized control of device. Ikondrives HMI/ cloud box /IPC and other cloud devices can realize data interaction of remote devices through MQTT server, centralized control of remote devices can be achieved by Haiwell cloud SCADA and Haiwell data visualization system can easily generate various data reports, which can improve the production efficiency of enterprises and save production costs.

Ikondrives is committed to providing industrial IoT solutions such as intelligent factory, intelligent agriculture, intellgient photovoltaic, intellgient fire protection, and intellgient charging piles, etc.