The company strength is a competitive team of more than 10 experienced professionals consisting management, finance, engineering ITS is the matter of pleasure for us introduce our selves that the FAA Trading Co. was founded in 2005 by the hard work and enthusiasm of our director. These days where industrial sector has lack of services in the prospect of electrical and electronic services. We endeavor to go one step ahead by the Grace of GOD.

Our company enjoyed good reputation as in 2005 started automation business with latest available state of the art technology for modification of old machines and locally developed new machinery having good experience of different automation equipment

FAA Trading Co. collaborated ZIRI

ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD in 2009 & HAIWELL 2019 as exclusive distributor of industrial automation equipment as PLC s, HMI, SERVO DRIVE and variable Frequency and technical staff as well as two OFFICES LAHORE and RAWALPINDI, and multiple dealer country wide, who provide sales and support from Karachi to Khyber.

Currently company is providing support for local machines manufacturers and running industry by supplying equipment and services as equipment installation, software development according to customer application with IKON INVERTER, Temperature controller, Panal meters, HAIWELL PLC s and HMI as well as trouble shooting of other brand automation equipment, Also supplying IKON standards and others hard to find spare parts which are not available easily, We believe in moving ahead with current technological demand by providing our customers with material reliability of recent research and development. One of the most important characteristics of us is our best flexibility and dynamism.

FAA Trading Co. is able to meet all of our customers’ requirements, This is how we believe in working and strives for nothing less than the best, We are at your disposal for any other information that you may require.

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Simplicity-Precision, Flexibility-Standardization and Easy to use-Diversity are the inherent qualities of IKON Variable Frequency Drives.

As an one-stop drive solution provider,

IKON is ready to offer its own competitive solutions into the general power transmission industry.

 ZVF 300H Series!

High Performance Vector Control Frequency Inverter

ZVF300H Series frequency inverter has the good effect energy conservation, fine speed adjustment performance, stable operations, stable operation, electrical machinery soft start, protect function and seif diagnostics fault and other advantages.

FAA Trading Co is able to meet all of our customers’ requirements, I his is how we believe in working and strives for nothing less than the best, we are at your disposal for any other information that you may require. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

IKN-GE series high performance general vector inverter, positioned as a new generation general purpose inverter; products using DSP control system and vector functions, widely used in air compressor, plastic machine, petroleum industry, coal industry, HVAC applications, fan pump and other standard transmission load.